Meditation & Esoteric Teachings

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Gigi teaches beginning mindfulness meditation classes. She received her initial training from Yoga International. She is currently in her second year (two-year training) with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield to continue expanding her teaching skills as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.

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Sufi Practice Group

Nur Jihan (Gigi's Sufi name) is currently a coordinator-in-training to teach basic Universal Sufi practices in the Inayatiyya . She is initiated in two of the Universal Sufi traditions:
Inayatiyya and Ruhaniyat.


The purpose of this group is to share Sufi Practices. This path of Sufism is Universal in nature where all paths leading to the Divine are honored.

Practices incorporate meditations, breathwork, contemplation, readings from spiritual sources, and chanting.

Anyone from any spiritual tradition is welcome; this is an open and non-denominational path. If you ever wondered or are curious about the mysticism of Sufism, come experience introductory practices.

Location and Time: Last Friday of the Month from 7-8:30pm in Greensboro, NC.

Please contact Nur Jihan for location.

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