Transformational Coaching

Life Purpose & Direction

I help clients heal and transform their lives in the direction which honors living one's full potential and life's purpose. I would love to help in creating with you the life of your dreams.


As a Transformational Life Coach who works with individuals and groups, I have assisted clients with: life purpose and direction; clarifying goals and values; personal growth through life transitions; facing meaning of life questions; connecting to inner guidance; improved social and communication skills, increased confidence and self-esteem.


The types of techniques I draw from are: Life Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching, Spiritual Coaching,
IFS coaching, mindfulness, Eco-therapeutic ritual, somatic – body awareness, expressive arts therapy, journaling, dream-work, archetypal, CBT, mindset shift, belief re-patterning and solution focused.


4 Sessions: $ 600
10 Sessions:

$ 1,500 ( 3 Monthly payments of $ 500 )

$ 1,200 ( 1 time payment )

Coaching modalities integrate skills from:

Certified Life Coach, Life Purpose Coach and Spiritual Coach from Life Purpose Institute

Certified Health Coach and Spiritual Coach from the Health Coach Institute

Internal Family Systems Coaching from IFS Institute

Mindfulness Meditation Practices & Transpersonal / Holistic Counseling Skills

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